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GoNuts, India's largest Celebrity platform, boasts 5000+ celebrities and 25000+ influencers, spanning regions and categories. We guarantee the perfect fit for your brand!


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Brand Films

Crafting brand ads with India's top celebrities. From concept to production, our comprehensive approach ensures seamless success for clients.

Performance Ads

Specializing in impactful performance ads, we cut customer acquisition costs with celebrity power for remarkable ROI and brand success.

Product / Unboxing Videos

Celebrities demonstrate your product's power, generating interest from your target audience and leaving a lasting impression.

Testimonial Videos

Create powerful testimonial videos featuring satisfied customers to build unwavering brand trust and credibility. Impactful and persuasive storytelling guaranteed.

Stakeholder Engagement

Create unforgettable experiences for stakeholders with celebrity influence. From personalized wishes to webinars, we excel in all forms of interaction.

Media Buying

Amplify reach via TV, radio, hoardings, and diverse distribution channels with our expert assistance and marketing strategies.